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Is there anything quite as powerful as someone with wit and a way with words? 
Welcome to the Mike Francis Improv Comedy and Situation Comedy Scripts Library. You’ll never be lost for words again.

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The secret to a charismatic stage presence...

Whether you are a professional comic with impeccable delivery or a novice stepping onto a stage for the first time, there’s only one thing that can get you to make your crowd love you…

interaction with excellent improv material!


Here’s exactly the banter YOU need to create the humorous, engaging and absolutely entertaining presence that gets your audience of 1 or 1000 asking for more!


All scripts in 2019 are provided as text when possible.  NO graphics or photos.


If you know what you're doing in MS Word, simply create a new  document and copy your lines for the night


Make the background orange and the font white. The font used here is 'Impact' size 48. Save as a pdf to your phone and Bob's your uncle, you have a night planned!


Next night, same again. PLAN!

I like this simple heckler stopper! Perfect when someone is being irritating!

Original MikeFrancis Banter


Mike can write anything funny, including sketches and stand-up routines, one-liners and best man speeches.