Mike Francis Improv Comedy Scripts
#2-12 Saddleworth Business Centre, Delph, Saddleworth OL3 5DH


Would you like to insult your audience... and get away with it?
Then this is the script for you!

Supplied digitally as a typewritten script in PDF format. This can be manipulated to any design required in MS Word including a page to view on your phone or tablet.

Baiting an audience, knowing full-well how they will react is an artform in itself.


Used gingerly on the audience by a performer, a single line bring on the obvious heckler and his obvious response.

You immediately put him down and the crowd loves you for it.

Work that into your act a few times a night and you become a shining star to every audience.

You just need the right bait, and here it is.


Little Devil.jpg