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Improve your popularity and your earning power...
Then this is the script for you!

Supplied digitally as a typewritten script in PDF format. This can be manipulated to any design required in MS Word including a page to view on your phone or tablet.

Barman: How To Increase Your Tips ten-fold

A little digital book of witty quips and banter to help barmen make much more in gratuities!

“Barman, Increase Your Tips with Humour” teaches barmen to banter with customers to earn more tips

Banter with customers over the bar is not only how barmen make money, but is part of the archetype that is portrayed in literature and film. “Barman, Increase Your Tips with Humour” shows barmen how to banter quickly and help them impress their customers.

When a customer steps up to the bar to order a pint, they usually not only want a beer, but are looking for a bit of interaction with the barkeep. Many barmen don’t know how to banter effectively. This book shows them how.

Learning to banter will impress customers and, therefore, increase tips.

Written by a professional stand-up comic and former barman, this book is loaded with quips and lines that not only make customers laugh, but can start a conversation. Every barman knows that the more your customers chat with you, the bigger their tips get.

"It wasn’t until I got your first book that I started feeling secure about working behind the bar and soon I realised drinks are only 10% of the job. 90% of the job is personality"
M Frost – Barman

Banter appears to be simply spontaneous quick-wittedness. On the contrary, it is a list of memorized quips and one-liners that can be used in lots of common occasions. The barman can fire off a few of these quips and customers will not only laugh, but will feel like the barman sees them as an individual, not just as a drink slung over the bar.

“Barman, Increase Your Tips with Humour” is full of great quips to use for almost any occasion. Written specifically with the barman in mind, this is not a joke book. It is not designed to make a barman funny. It is designed to help barmen to appear witty and spontaneous. “Witty and spontaneous” requires planning.

"Superb! I did my best ever night after buying your book of banter lines...I've become far more confident and interact with the crowd far more than I used to" -Sean Ballister. Los Angeles