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Want to make a better best man speech?
Then this is the script for you!

Supplied digitally as a typewritten script in PDF format. This can be manipulated to any design required in MS Word including a page to view on your phone or tablet.

Your Best Man Speech Will Live In Infamy!


But For All The Good Reasons!

It’s your time to shine on your jolly good fella’s wedding! Everyone is looking at you, glasses are raised, the band has stopped. And then what? Are you lost for words?

Not Anymore!

This incredible script will turn your speech from a boring formality to an unforgettable moment! Impress everyone with killer one-liners, jokes and witty remarks about your favorite couple!


Stop feeling anxious about your speech and take advantage of this amazing opportunity to delight the audience!

You don’t have to be a professional public speaker to make your friends enjoy themselves! This mind-blowing, step-by-step guide will help you write and prepare a smashing speech!

Why struggle when you can dominate your audience with a dynamite, witty and moving speech?

You Are The Best Man And Now You Can Deliver The Best Speech!