Mike Francis Improv Comedy Scripts
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Do you want the key? ...The secret?
Then this is the script for you!

Supplied digitally as a typewritten script in PDF format. This can be manipulated to any design required in MS Word including a page to view on your phone or tablet.

The definition of ice breaker is a topic of conversation that eases people into talking with one another.

Brilliant ...NOT!

This is fine when you have an opportunity to chat with a girl one to one in a chillout, lounge-like bar where you perhaps share a table or leave your Porche keys on the bar.


But real life isn't like that and most of us have just a few seconds to get the advantage over our future wife (WTF).

And this is what this downloadable book is for. Those in a hurry with a glint in their eye and the confidence to at least approach a girl and utter just one short line, make eye contact and move on.

The rest is explained in the book.

It's simple and many people working in the nightclub trade don't even know how we entertainers do it!


It's easy when you know how.

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