Mike Francis Improv Comedy Scripts
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Don't just sing, improve your audience skills too...
Then this is the script for you!

Supplied digitally as a typewritten script in PDF format. This can be manipulated to any design required in MS Word including a page to view on your phone or tablet.


Stand-up quips, one-liners, put-downs and banter for extrovert personalities

What you'll get

In this pdf, you will find

•    Individual nuggets of stand-up comedy gold
•    Insults, roasts and audience baiting quips
•    Chat-up lines, ice breakers and compliments
•    A ton of banter and cheeky one-liners
•    Hilarious rhetorical audience questions

Who should invest?

Karaoke Quips offers great value for a wide selection of extroverts.

•    The Karaoke singer
•    The Karaoke compere
•    The Wedding DJ
•    Introverts who want to be extroverts


Is it for you?

You need to memorise at least twenty five of the quips in this book whether you think you do, or not.

"Thank you very much, I must have been really dull before"
"My husband loved it"
"A very handy collection"
"Quick to read, and memorable"
"A book worth dipping into frequently"
"I’ve been using banter for years, it’s just more ammunition for me"
"There are some excellent one liners in here"
"A great gift for my salesman boyfriend"
"If you are feeling low - read this it will brighten your day!"


Use humour to boost your confidence, improve your stage-presence and get your audience coming back for more

You’re centre stage. Your heart is racing. You could hear a pin drop. And everyone is looking at you. All you need now is that killer one-liner to make this a night everyone will remember.

Fortunately, you know just the thing, you’re armed with the quips, flirty lines and hilarious insults you need to get the banter going and your audience crying with laughter. You’ve read


The Bumper Book of Karaoke Singer Quips from cover to cover.

Karaoke Quips comes with a money-back guarantee.

Nobody knows the club entertainment circuit better than author and scriptwriter Mike Francis – he’s done it all.


There are many great routines out there – but it’s always the one-liners that get remembered and repeated.

As a Karaoke singer or compere, you know that a quick quip, put down, insult or one-liner can get the audience on your side and coming back for more. And these are some of the best around.


Mike has written this book with the aim of giving you the ammo you need to:

  • Unleash a new you with greater confidence and stage presence

  • Put down hecklers in an instant

  • Make your karaoke nights ‘must see’ events

  • Become famous on the circuit

  • Keep your routine fresh and your audience on their toes

  • Stay in control of your night and be the life and soul

  • Quickly establish a reputation and pull in more punters

  • Make friends, influence people and flirt outrageously

  • Bait your audience with insult comedy – if you’re feeling bold!

5 out of 5 stars OMG! Just Buy This Book! By Cathy Wilson


Guys...if you started throwing these one liners at me I'd see right through them but still be putty in your hands. Ha!

At the very least you’ll have a good giggle. But be warned if you’re easily offended – these one-liners aren’t for the faint-hearted. So, if you want to be a funnier and more charismatic Karaoke Singer or Compere – download this book now and test out the power of the one-liner on YOUR audience. You won’t be disappointed!