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Want to undermine your workplace bully? I'll show you how.
Then this is the script for you!

Supplied digitally as a typewritten script in PDF format. This can be manipulated to any design required in MS Word including a page to view on your phone or tablet.

Office Bully Payback : Give them a taste of their own medicine!

Dominate your bully using just your wit.

Unfortunately, bullying doesn't always stop with the end of your childhood. If you're feeling harassed or annoyed at the office, then, go ahead and take some action.

You can do that by confronting your colleague with hilarious comebacks, remarks, retorts and rumors that will help you wipe the floor with your verbal bullies.

The problem though is that most people don't know what to say in response. Because not all insults are snarky, and not all snark is insulting. It really takes genius to define and navigate between what works and what doesn't. You must learn how to finally give that office bully some payback.

Just stand up for yourself.

There is a certain truth-telling function in the best kind of insults. And, that's why this book has everything you need. Add these one-liners to your arsenal. It's the ultimate weapon and can make your days infinitely better.

You'll soon show your bullies that you have a deep found confidence. At the very least, you should buy this book, purely for the amusement. You'll find yourself breaking out in laughter more than once.

Become a master and dominate your bully using just your wit.

Get your copy of "Office Bully Payback" today!